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egjj uk aip aerodrome chart - icao elev 277ft (1 sep 05) ad 2-egjj-2-1 491229n 0021144w. d026 15000 (ocnl 20000) sfc flamanville 500asfc sfc fort lefort le marchantmarch nt 50050 sfcsfc fort le marchant 500 sfc flamanville 3400 500asfc r095 2400 sfc d015 3600 sfc p047 1000 sfc la hague 3900 sfc d575 fl110 sfc r10 fl195 fl115 p81 fl195 sfc les landes 500 sfc lf d18a 95000 sfc d038 55000 sfc. UK AIP (27 Oct 05) AD 2-EGJJ-1-1 Civil Aviation Authority AMDT 11/05 EGJJ AD 2.1 JERSEY 1 ARP Co-ordinates and site at AD: Lat: 491228.61N Long: 0021143.83W Centre of Runway 09/27. 2 Direction and distance from city: 4 nm WNW of St Helier. 3 Elevation/Reference temperature: 277 ft - 19°C. 4 Geoid undulation at AD ELEV PSN: 161 ft. 5 Magnetic Variation/Annual Change: W2.8° (2005) - 0.14. All IFR Arrivals will be handled by Jersey Zone (EGJJ_Z_APP) on 125.200 MHz, when online. Pilots should contact Jersey Zone approaching: SKERY, ORTAC, BEVAV, LERAK, MINQI, KOKOS, TUNIT, LELNA or BIGNO on the arrival route; plan to be no higher than FL200 by those waypoints. Initial descent into the island will be handled by Jersey Zone before a transfer to Jersey Approach if online for final.

instrument approach chart - icao change (12/18): frequencies. mag var. d5.5 19 19 19 19 msa 25nm vor dme jsy 090° 180° 360° 270° n annual rate of change 0.14°e ar 0.6°w - 2019 ad elevation 277 thr elevation 271 bearings are magnetic obstacle elevation 812 (541) amsl (above thr) d3 d3.50 rate of descent g/s kt 160 140 120 100 80 ft/min 840 740 630 530 420 max 185kias for base turn/hold. All charts are up to date, currently running cycle 200910. Here is a little help with the meaning of the chart names: - ALL: A bundle of all the charts of the airport. - BRIEFING: A special for-vatsim pilot briefing. - OACI, ADC, GMC: Ground movement charts - APDC: Parking charts - TEXT, DATA: Text data and information - SID, STAR: SID and STAR charts - IAC: Approach and transitons charts.

Terminal Charts For EGNX Revision Letter For Cycle 15-2020 Change Notices Notebook Trip Kit Index Printed on 23 Jul 2020 Page 1 (c) JEPPESEN SANDERSON, INC., 2020, ALL RIGHTS RESERVED je=JEPPESEN JeppView for Windows. General Information Location: EAST MIDLANDS GBR ICAO/IATA: EGNX / EMA Lat/Long: N52° 49.9', W001° 19.7' Elevation: 306 ft Airport Use: Public Daylight Savings: Observed UTC. EGJJ 141750Z 05006KT 020V090 9999 FEW015CB 12/07 Q1020 TAF. TAF EGJJ 141656Z 1418/1503 05010KT 9999 FEW015CB PROB40 TEMPO 1419/1500 06015G25KT 7000 SHRA BKN015CB FC *** NO MESSAGES FOUND *** Last Update: 14 Oct 2020 17:50 Temperature (°F) 54. Dewpoint. 45. EUROCONTROL Regional Charts (ERC) layout. Published. 18 June 2020. 1.69 MB. pdf. Download. Related links. Watch our video tutorial. Download all. Published on. 18 June 2020. This covers. Airspace design and utilisation. Optimised operational performance | Network Manager. Share this. Facebook; Linkedin; Twitter; Mail ; Contact us × First name. Last name. Email. Message. I agree that my data. REFER TO CHARTS 10-2C AND 10-2D 10-2.STAR. IOM112.2 IOM N54 04.0 W004 45.8 D MALUD N53 24.8 W003 36.5 7^ 1 3 0 ^ FOR CHASE STARS FROM NORTH & NORTHEAST REFER TO CHART 10-2A | JEPPESEN SANDERSON, INC., 2002, 2006. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. FROM NORTHWEST 1 FL140, above FL140 MAX 210 KT up to and including ICAO holding speed applies. Aircraft inbound from the FIR will normally be cleared by. EGJJ/JER Map & Diagram for Jersey Airport - (Jersey, Channel Islands

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Dimensions: 4800 x 148 feet / 1463 x 45 meters : Surface: Hard: Runway 09 Runway 27; Coordinates: N49°26.08' / W2°36.72' N49°26.11' / W2°35.52' Elevation EGJJ: Airport type: Public: Elevation: 277: Location: Parish of Saint Peter, 4 NM (7.4 km; 4.6 mi) west northwest of Saint Helier in Jersey, one of the British Crown Dependencies in the Channel Islands : Length, m. Direction Surface; Information not available. 1706: 09/27: Asphalt: Map of European aerodromes for general aviation pilots. Flight route planning tool for air tourism. Click on.


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  2. Jersey Airport (IATA: JER, ICAO: EGJJ) is an international airport located in the parish of Saint Peter, 4 NM (7.4 km; 4.6 mi) west northwest of Saint Helier in Jersey, in the Channel Islands. History. Air service to Jersey before 1937 consisted of biplane airliners and some seaplanes landing on the beach at Saint Aubin's bay. Jersey Airways and Imperial Airways were among those who operated.
  3. als: 1 Passagiere 1.554.390 (2015) Luftfracht 4.413 t (2015) Flug-bewegungen 46.822 (2015) Start- und Landebah
  4. London Gatwick (EGKK) - Jersey (EGJJ) - Flight Finder - Find and track any flight (airline or private) -- search by origin and destination
  5. See Aerodrome Obstacle Chart and EGJJ AD 2.10 Aerodrome Obstacles. This procedure does not take account of noise abatement procedures which may require climb to a higher level. See EGJJ AD 2.21 for Noise Abatement Procedures. 13 Flight Plans. See ENR 1.11. EGJJ AD 2.23 ADDITIONAL INFORMATION. Not applicable. EGJJ AD 2.24 CHARTS RELATED TO AN AERODROME. AERODROME CHART - ICAO. AD 2.EGJJ-2-1.

EICK 2.24 CHARTS RELATED TO AN AERODROME: Aerodrome Chart - ICAO. EICK AD 2.24-1: Aircraft Parking/Docking Chart - ICAO. EICK AD 2.24-2: Aerodrome Obstacle Chart RWY 07/25 - ICAO TYPE A. EICK AD 2.24-3: Aerodrome Obstacle Chart RWY 16/34 - ICAO TYPE A. EICK AD 2.24-4: Precision Approach Terrain Chart RWY 16 - ICAO. EICK AD 2.24- Charts are a new community contributed feature that we hope will provide all virtual pilots a single place to find and share useful approach, departure and terminal charts. Please help contribute to this collection of flight simulation charts by uploading any suitable charts that you may have. Thank you so much for contributing your chart(s), your upload has been added to the moderation list.

charts are to be flown by all departing jet ACFT and all other departing ACFT of more than 5700 kg MTWA unless otherwise instructed by ATC or unless deviations are required for flight safety. All routings must be strictly adhered to. Direct routings etc offered by ATC should only be flown after completion of noise preferential routes, unless a mandatory instruction is given or an emergency. Hi,I'm currently writing a SID/STAR file for EGJJ - Jersey. I'm enjoying doing the short hop EGKK-EGJJ and back but I don't have any SIDS/STARS for the airport.The STARS for RWY 27 are fine, no problem. A problem develops with the STARS for RWY 09.All the STARS for 09 end holding over Jersey NDB (JW 329). No problem there, easy enough to write. So for example for Jersey 1G I wrote:STAR JW1G. jersey egjj ad elev 277ft arp 491229n 0021144w aerodrome chart - icao change (11/14): mag var. rwy 09/27 redesignated 08/26. united kingdom aip ad 2-egjj-2-1 16 oct 2014 civil aviation authority airac amdt 11/201

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egjj egjj 140220z auto 31003kt 9999 bkn016/// bkn019/// bkn023/// 10/08 q1011 redz: egjb 20.2nm w: egjb 140150z 34008kt 9999 -shra few006 bkn045 10/09 q1011: lfrd 37.8nm se lfrd 140200z auto 21003kt 1600 0550 r35l/0700u bcfg nsc 05/05 q1011 tempo 0300 fg vv/// lfrc 38.2nm n Your experience on this site will be improved by allowing cookies. Allow cookie

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  1. Notice: After 7.12.2006 0901Z this chart s hould not be used without first checking JeppView or NOTAMs. 2 6 | JEPPESEN SANDERSON, INC., 1998, 2006. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. 1 EGAA/BFS 24 FEB 06 Stand 12 withdrawn. INTL PIER CARGO CENTER A B R W Y 10 0 7 / 2 5 3F 2F 27 25 24 22 18 14 13 9 3 4 5 INS COORDINATES STAND No. COORDINATES STAND No. COORDINATES 23A 06-13.3 06-13 54-39.5 54-39.7 54-39.5 06.
  2. Unbedingt die VFR Punkte in den EGJJ Anfluginformationen einprägen. In Mobile VFR von Jeppesen waren nicht alle vorhanden. Aero Club war sehr hilfreich. Mietwagen gibts am Airport (kurzer Fussweg). Mein Rueckflug Flugplan war nicht on file. Man sollte dieses im Aeroclub vorher checken. Tolle Insel - tolle Strände - tolles Essen. Preis fuer AVGAS ein Schnaeppchen, keine Landegebuehr.
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